Let's stop COVID-19 together.
Educate your community about coronavirus safety through automated Facebook messaging.
What's this page about?
Leading healthcare experts including World Healthcare Organization highlight the importance of reducing the spread of the virus to avoid healthcare system overload.

One of the best working strategies here is to keep society informed about simple preventive measures that proved effective in countries with massive virus exposure such as China.

One of the most effective ways of reaching out to communities is personal notifications sent to their mobile phones via chat apps like Facebook Messenger.

ManyChat and Facebook Messenger have partnered together to power health organizations with a free platform and reliable channel for conveying useful knowledge to the public. This requires no fees and technical expertise.

Watch video to learn more about the mechanism we're proposing and how to adopt it.
How an automated Messenger experience help:
Automate answering people queries
Automatically process the increasing stream of typical requests and questions lowering the load on personal that deals with such inbound requests. Queries that we help you to automate:

  • How do I protect myself?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • What is the latest news?
Publish all necessary information
Educate people about basic protective measures against the coronavirus by sending a personal messages to Facebook Inbox.
Provide self-check guidelines
Help people evaluate the risk of getting sick and instruct them on how to get properly diagnosed.
Send notifications with recent updates
Send a message to all your subscribers to inform about recent changes in regional status of the disease.
Alert personnel
Send alerts to the relevant personal that deals with high-risk case
How to automate Facebook Messenger and start informing your community
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